Everythang & Mo’

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Everythang & Mo’

Everythang & Mo’

Sammy Blue

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An audio collage of blues tunes, each presented in the medium that best suits the subject matter. Sammy Blue writes and performs well crafted songs spanning from solo style delta blues to band-based contemporary sounds. Something for both blues traditionalists and the modern style enthusiast.

“‘Everythang & Mo’ is one of those rare well-rounded projects where all the styles
attempted work. Humor, intelligence, and a willingness to experiment are all
elements in revitalizing the blues.
Sammy Blue has done a good job putting these qualities to work.”
— Blues Review Magazine

Personnel: Sammy Blue (vocals, guitar, dobro); Elijah “Little Brother” Owens (spoken vocals); Travis Biggs (violin); Chicago Bob Nelson (harmonica); Wally Tirado, Jorga Mesfin, Jay Himmel (saxophone); Randy Skinner (trumpet); Joseph “Little Joe” Burton (trombone); Bob Page, Keith “Foots” Andersen, Pete Pisarcyzk, Bobby Newell, David Lane (keyboards); William Jackson (bass).

1. If I Knew Then
2. I Miss You Baby
3. Dancing In The Moonlight
4. Everythang & Mo’
5. Day Job
6. I’ve Been Hopin’
7. Spice In My Life
8. Riverside
9. I Got To Have My Way
10. 32-20 Blues
11. Vitamin P
12. Disposable Love
13. Doin’ What You Do Best
14. Everythang & Mo’ (Club Mix Reprise)

Audio CD (July 1, 2000)
Original Release Date: July 5, 2000
Label: CD Baby
ASIN: B00004U0Y7
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: • #21 in Music > Indie Music > R&B > Contemporary R&B


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